Handmade Menstrual Pad Workshop (25 July 2019 @FREE BIRD CAFE)

//Handmade Menstrual Pad Workshop (25 July 2019 @FREE BIRD CAFE)

Handmade Menstrual Pad Workshop (25 July 2019 @FREE BIRD CAFE)


Join us as we  SunnyCotton – menstrual pad ผ้าอนามัยซักง่าย (by Kesinee Kay) in an informative and productive, hands on workshop learning how to hand sew a simple period pad, you will make one to donate to a refugee woman living in the border of Burma and Thailand through our outreach programs at Thai Freedom House and one for yourself to take home. The event is hosted by Free Bird Cafe (by Lisa Byrd) where our pads are sold.

What to bring: Just yourself, all materials will be provided. But, if you have old towels, handkerchiefs, washcloths, or natural cloth that you want to bring to help us make more, please do.

Investment: 200b, Kay is going to donate the materials, Lisa will donate the space, so the funds will be used to create more pads for refugee women.

“This is how change happens, identify a problem, gather resources, share information and get to work!”- Lisa

“I’ve found that people who change to the greener way started with something they feel good about. Then, when you can reduce waste too, it becomes an even greater feeling that expands to cover other behaviours.” Kay

Free Bird Cafe
14 Sirimankalajarn Soi 9, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200
Thursday, 25 July 2019 from 18:00-20:00 UTC+07

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